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DKERPS Ecommerce has grown up in a swift for its agility and limitless market opportunity it has been providing to business of all stature. The capability of technology and e-commerce has brought the entire global market onto the merchants hands, making it easier for the merchants as well as customers to crack a deal on the go at any time of the day. To add more to it, India is 2nd largest Internet user base around the globe, thus adding another reason to switch to E-tailing, to boost up your sales performance.

Now, vis-a-vis such immense benefits, the country has seen a rapid surge in the number of E-Tailers in the recent years, which further gave rise to a tough market rivalry. Nevertheless, as a cure for all, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, the modern business management tools that lets you manage all your processes systematically to perfection, can help you crack the market, providing you with a much-needed business lead.

DEERPS is leading provider of ERP solutions in India, that have assisted businesses around the globe with its precision and expertise gained and developed into the proficient software. The cloud based software is easy to use by anyone with basic tech skills, its customisable dashboard and simple to use business management modules allows the user adapt to it at their own convenience and enhance their work performance.

    Let us have a look at some feature of ERP for Ecommerce Industry.

  • Warehouse Management: - Inventory and warehouse are the most crucial element in ecommerce, and DKERPS for Ecommerce efficiently manages your warehouse to max up your further processes.
    • Keep a track of all the batch records and invoices.
    • Plan LIFO, FIFO, and other inventory clearance strategies
    • Keep your portal updated with stock availability
  • Order Tracking and History: - Customer service is essential when it comes to Ecommerce, thus with DKERPS, stay ahead of time for all your customer orders and previous history.
    • Stay updated with all incoming orders
    • Record all your customers permitted details
  • Timely SCM: - DKERPS knows how important it is to get the products delivered in time for your brand reputation and optimal sales performance and for the same adds a boost to your supply chain.
    • Manage 3rd party logistics
    • Real time tracking of your products
    • Automated mails to your customers on order status and invoices.
  • Quick benefits:
    • Multi-channel integration
    • 24x7 accessibility
    • Affiliation management
    • Cloud backed computing
    • Minimize cost of operation

Thus, multiply your sales performance effortlessly with the prevailing DKERPS for Ecommerce industry and manage all your complex tasks easily, analyse the market and smartly handle all your resources, eventually freeing you from complexity maze and assisting you hitting the success charts.

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